The Criticism to Praise Ratio

Family criticism

It has been studied and documented that we hear thirty-two items of criticism for each item of praise! It starts when we are babies, ” Ooooh, your diapers stink!” or ” Can’t you keep out of trouble for even one minute?” Sure, we may not have known what the words meant, but even Continue reading “The Criticism to Praise Ratio”

Where Our Emotions Come From

In the times of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, around 350 BC, people thought that the liver, not the heart, was the center of emotion. Now we know that it is not the heart, either.

You may have trouble believing that your thoughts and emotions could reside anywhere but in your brain. That’s what you were taught. But what if you were taught that your thoughts came from your belly? Might that seem just as real as what you believe now?

Cloth Monkeys

Scientists raised three groups of monkeys. Some were raised by their mother. Some were raised by a stationary Chlorox bottle covered with fur. The last group were raised by a Chlorox bottle that was remotely controlled and acted somewhat like a real mother. The monkeys with the movable bottle mother grew up nearly as normal as those raised with a real mother, but those with a stationary mother, grew up schizophrenic.