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Bushnell’s Turtle


American Diver

The Fish Boat

Bad Plumbing

Worse Bad Plumbing

HMS Trident’s Strange Guest

USS Scorpion

The K-129

Don’t Let Your Hydrogen Peroxide Leak


Bushnell’s Turtle

Table of Contents

In the mid 1770’s, During America’s War of Independence with England, David Bushnell, an inventive guy on the American side, created the world’s first attack submarine. Using whiskey barrel technology, he made a watertight, clam shell-shaped vehicle with barely enough room for one man. The thing,  Continue reading “Submarines”

History of the Piano

History of the piano – Its immediate predecessor was called a clavichord. The volume of a clavichord, like a harpsichord, cannot be controlled, the loudness of each note is the same. However, the pitch of the notes of a clavichord change depending on whether the player presses the keys hard or light. Hit a key hard and the pitch goes up! The forte-piano was a considerable improvement, because the volume was adjustable depending on how hard the player hits the keys. Later the name evolved to pianoforte, which in Italian means “soft-loud,” and finally piano.

Official Uncorker of Bottles

An unusual profession: A man was named “Official Uncorker of Bottles” by Queen Elizabeth I. A law was passed that stated all bottles found washed up on beaches had to be opened by this man, and no one else, in case they contained sensitive military messages. The penalty for anyone else opening a bottle was the death sentence.