Everyone Can Become a Millionaire

everyone can become a millionaire

I’m going to tell you that a cup of coffee at Starbucks costs $36. And when you understand that, you can get a million dollars, no matter how much or how little you are making right now. Everyone can become a millionaire. As long as you are Continue reading “Everyone Can Become a Millionaire”

If You Must Have a Procedure

If you must go to a hospital for a procedure, check how many times the doctor has performed the procedure and how many times the hospital has done it. Obviously, you don’t want inexperienced people using you to practice on. Statistics have confirmed that having your surgery at a hospital which has hosted the procedure many times before gives you a greater chance of complete success.

The Law Of Attraction – The Missing Information


The simple explanation:

The law of attraction = what you think is what you get.

In general, if you think affirmative thoughts, you’ll get wonderful results. You’ll be amazed at the positive changes you can make in your life when you employ the law of attraction through some specific but simple techniques. It has failed for many people only because they don’t really know how the mechanisms under the hood work. Knowing that will give you the assurance and patience to take the right steps. This page is dedicated to helping you put the “law of attraction” into action.

Some people will refuse to believe something so simple can actually work until they know how it works. OK, I understand. Here are a couple of ways it works. You’ll find others later on.

1. When you’re in a negative loop, such as “I’m in debt, I’m in debt,” your mind is preoccupied with that thought. It’s as if your neurons have burned a path of least resistance, and so the concern about your debt takes most of your waking hours. You’re too occupied with your loop to be creative. If, you start to look at what you already do have, a nice pair of shoes, a dog who adores you, a warm home, your negative loop is interrupted, and you can start thinking of ways out of the debt. (By the way, if you are looking for ways out of debt – that actually work – you can look all throughout this website). You may also be depressed when you focus on the negative, and people who are depressed can make weird, ineffective choices.

2. When you stay focused on what you want (not on what you don’t want), you start making small, but important decisions that will move you in the right direction.

3. You may wonder what would happen if everyone got what they wanted. What if lots of people became rich? Would that mean that everyone else would get poorer? No, in fact the opposite happens. When you’re rich, you buy things. The salespeople get commissions, the stores and factories make money, and are able to pay more to their workers.

Actually, you don’t have to know how it works. Just have faith that it does, and the law of attraction will work for you.

Let’s say you want a new convertible. People familiar with the law of attraction may suggest you put a picture of that convertible on your bathroom mirror, and start wishing for it. I know that seems rather simplistic, and for this example it is, but it actually works.

Here’s how it once worked for me – I wanted a Land Rover back in my early twenties when I had very little money and certainly couldn’t qualify for a car loan. Back then, a brand new one was $4,000. I went to several car dealers anyway, just to look and wish some more. I discovered a dusty used one in a dealer’s back lot that actually still ran, for $400 – quite a surprise. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it was a Land Rover that I could afford. I drove it home, and it overheated on the way. $90 for a new radiator. That took a week to save up for, and another week to order. Then I had a Land Rover that actually ran fairly well, but it looked terrible. Although now I was really quite happy with the one I had, I wanted a good-looking Land Rover. I had a friend who worked in a body shop who could get me a paint job for $200. I could pick any color I wanted, so I chose a deep metalflake green, with black trim. A couple of months later, I had the car painted, it actually looked better than new Land Rovers in my opinion, since you couldn’t get them in that color. Thinking others may feel the same way, I put an ad in the newspaper, and sold my $400 Land Rover for $2800! It didn’t take long to come up with another $1200, and I got my brand new Land Rover, paid for in cash! OK, you’re probably wondering how I got that last $1200. Here’s what happened: One day the transmission in my $400 Land Rover broke down. Back then, Land Rovers were rare and I couldn’t buy the parts I needed anywhere, so I bought a whole used Land Rover, one that was crashed, so I could take the transmission for my car. Then, I sold the windshield, the wheels, the seats, axles, all sorts of other parts. After paying to dispose of the remains, I had well over $1,000. Now I realize you may not be able to do what I did, you may not even know exactly what an axle is, let alone how to sell one, but I’ll bet you have marketable skills, also. You probably have skills that you don’t yet realize can bring big positive changes to your life. This website will help you leverage what you already have.

Just in case you’re still not understanding how I do things, and how you can too, let me cite one more example. This one happened just last year: I started a bookstore in an era when people simply don’t do that. Independent bookstores have been badly hurt by online book venues such as Amazon.com. But, I felt like it would be a fun project to set up a small store, where I could greet the public, and sell books. So I did it. I did a few things differently, including having a back-room operation where I also sold books online. But after 4 months, I lost interest. (I used to think losing interest in good projects was one of my bigger flaws, but now I’m realizing it has always been an advantage.) So I sold the store. I picked a price that was three times higher than what I had invested, but my wife stopped me. She said I didn’t realize that it was already making enough money to suit a lot of possible buyers, just not enough money to suit me. She said I should quadruple the price. I placed an ad. I sold the business four days after placing the ad for twelve times the original investment.

In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to teach you how to use the law of attraction (and other techniques) to truly get what you want.

Follow These Three Steps, And You Can Have Anything!

1. The first trick is to figure out exactly what you want. Oddly, almost everyone thinks they can answer that question without hesitation, but upon deeper reflection, it can be quite confusing. In time, you may discover things about yourself that you never knew. A woman with a degree in psychology was looking for something more meaningful than her current job of writing psych evaluations for an insurance company. She couldn’t really get a handle on it, until one day she discovered she’d like to work with children. She burst into tears upon making that discovery. She had never given any thought to the idea of working with people other than adults until then.

How do you know what you want? Try this trick: Ask a friend to ask you these specific questions:

What do you want (or what would you like)?

Where, when, and with whom would you like to have it?

What will having that do for you?

How will you know when you have it?

How will it affect your friends and family?

What will you loose that you value when you have it?

Have your friend repeat these questions in any sequence several times over the course of an hour or so, and you may be surprised how much your answers change.

Repeat this technique with a few friends over the course of a week or two.

2. Work out a plan of action. Pretty much anything you want to do can be attained in a succession of little, tiny steps. Nothing needs to be difficult. Even designing an action plan can be easy. Especially when you know you don’t have to follow it exactly. Let the universe help guide you. If you make a plan that’s about right, with adjustments as things happen, you’ll get to where you’re going. An example:

I know a couple who were struggling to make their organic bakery profitable. One night their house burned down. You might think: Surely that’s a setback. But they knew about the law of attraction. They knew that what seems like a negative event can often be perceived as positive, and in fact becomes a positive event. They basically had a party in the street as the firemen were putting out the pile of rubble that was their home. They moved into a teepee on a friend’s farm for the summer, paying no rent, and before winter they had found a better, furnished home that was closer to their bakery and lower rent than what they were paying before. Then, a couple of months later, the merchant next door made a little mistake and burned their bakery down! They did not have proper insurance. Do you think they worried? No, they didn’t! Within another month or so, they rented a new commercial building, bought a bunch of second-hand bakery equipment, and were back in business. But, this time they picked up a better location. This time, there was room for their customers to park, and their sign could be seen on the main thoroughfare. Their financial worries were over!

3. Be open to receiving. One of the best things you can do is to appreciate what you already have. That puts you in a mood and position in which new things can come to you. Without that, you may not recognize the opportunities when they come up. Like the joke:

A man was caught in a flood, and had to climb up on the roof of his house. But, he knew God would take care of him. A helicopter came by, and lowered a harness. The man refused it, saying, “no, God will rescue me.” Another one came by, and again he refused it. So he drowned and went to heaven. One of the first things he did when he got to Heaven was ask God, “Why didn’t you rescue me?” And God said, “T tried. What do you think those helicopters were?”

And, it helps to be patient. There’s a story about a gold mine in California. The owners dug and dug, but came up with no gold. So, they sold the mine for nearly nothing. The new owners dug three more feet, and hit the biggest vein of gold yet discovered.

And, it helps to have some guidance. For instance, if you tell your plan to all your friends, and then you get a bit lazy, they’ll remind you, and get you back on track. And, your friends will tell their friends, and benefits can come seemingly out of nowhere. This is a very big part of the effectiveness of the law of attraction.

30 years ago, I owned a bicycle shop. I wanted a metal lathe for the shop which is a very expensive tool. I told people, and one day, a 12-year-old boy came in the shop and said, “My grandmother has one.” I figured it was probably a wood lathe, a much less expensive tool that I couldn’t use, but I phoned her anyway. Her husband had passed, and she just wanted to be rid of it. It was a metal lathe in perfect condition, with a wide array of attachments.

Trust, be patient, relax, have fun, live a good life! – Jeff


100 Ways To Live Beyond 100

by Lyn Bailey & Hester B. Golden

Attitude, diet and exercise all contribute to a healthier, longer life. The following suggestions will help you do just that:

1. Find ways to put yourself in a timeless state – meditation works well for this. When you set aside a daily time to quiet your mind, the rest of your day is more stress-free. Reduced stress lengthens lives.

2. Express emotions spontaneously, yet appropriately. Experts say pent-up emotions trigger many illnesses.

3. Live in the present moment as much as possible. Take stock of what’s around you. See the joy and beauty in your present situation.

4. Do the work you love. If you can’t start right away, do a little something that you love everyday. Even if your professional dreams are going to be challenging to achieve, go for it, although cautiously. Don’t quit your day job! Research has shown that positively eccentric people live longer and are much healthier than those who do not.

5. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. If you are sleepy – go to bed. If you are full, quit eating. If…

6. Get healthy and keep your immune system strong. Stay within your design parameters, avoid over-exercising, overworking – get sufficient sleep and eat well.

7. Communicate clearly, lovingly with yourself and others. Holding something important inside to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, may hurt you more than you realize. Ultimately, withholding the truth from friends and loved ones will hurt them, too.

8. Be less concerned about how you look, and focus more on how you feel.

9. Stop concerning yourself about what people think of you. You can’t change who you are and it is not wise to lower yourself to others’ standards.

10. Become a keen yet objective, non-judgmental observer of yourself.

11. Develop an attitude of calm acceptance. This can make your personal and family life wonderful.

12. Learn to live with change. Seasons change, situations change, people change – everything changes!

13. Cultivate a healthy sense of family and community involvement.

14. Care enough about yourself to live in a clean, healthy and relatively pollution-free environment.

15. Eat lightly and sensibly. Forget what your mom told you about finishing everything on your plate. You’re not going to mail that uneaten food to the starving children in China, and it’s not going to help them if you eat it, so forget about it! You can learn to eat your last food of the day before 7:00. Although at first uncomfortable, after only a few weeks, it will be natural to spend your evenings with the extra energy that comes when you aren’t busy eating and digesting. Most Americans think it is natural to collapse in front of the TV every evening, half-asleep.

16. Include fresh vegetables, preferably organically grown, in your diet. If at all possible, grow them yourself. If you live in an apartment or have little or no ground to work with, grow a few salad veggies in a window box planter. You also could build some wooden boxes, fill them with dirt and fill them up with plants or seeds. Even if you live in a high-rise, you can have a garden – plant it on the roof! You can fertilize it with compost made from your vegetable scraps. If you don’t know how to compost, get a book on it, ask someone at your local natural foods store or recycling center.

17. Our soils are heavily depleted. Farmers have been farming the same land for over sixty years. Supplement your diet with additional trace minerals such as can be found in super foods such as blue green algae. Sure, the farmers use fertilizer, but most fertilizers put back only a few of the many nutrients needed for optimum health.

18. Make time for a nutritious (scrambled eggs, protein smoothie, etc.) breakfast. Coffee and donuts won’t get it! In many cultures, breakfast is the biggest meal of the day. It makes sense – breakfast gives you the energy you need to start the day successfully.

19. Reduce and/or eliminate fat, processed sugar, salt, preservatives, hormone fed meat, and additives from your diet.

20. Drink a lot of pure water. Your body uses water to wash impurities out of your body. Most of us drink less than the optimal amount for best electro-chemical function.

21. Avoid, or at least minimize alcohol intake, smoking cigarettes and breathing second-hand smoke.

22. Breathe deeply. Take several breathing breaks during the day. People who have sedentary jobs may spend hours breathing shallowly. This lack of oxygen can lead to tiredness and dull-mindedness. It may even harm your brain.

23. Get plenty of natural light – it’s best to be in the sun before 11:00 A.M. and after 3:00 P.M. to avoid the intense mid-day ultraviolet rays.

24. Exercise and get outside often. Exercise periods of 15 minutes to a half-hour twice a day are better than periods of an hour or more once a week.

25. Rely more on your intuition.

26. Rather than saying something you might regret later, take three or more deep, slow breaths. By then, you may be able to respond rather than react in a hurtful way. This will also eliminate the pumping of adrenaline and other stress-producing chemicals through your body.

27. Learn to live without pressure and deadlines. If you look for ways to restructure your job situation for lower stress, they will become apparent in time. The people in the remote mountains of Russia who live well beyond 100 years old do not have deadlines and pressures.

28. Enjoy and absorb nature’s beauty.

29. Look within yourself for your happiness.

30. Get back to basics. Live a more natural, slower-paced life. This can be done gradually, one change at a time. We are evolved for certain conditions and speeds. Exceeding our design can decrease the quality of our our lives in many ways.

A good place to start is to learn to speak more slowly, and listen more. Seek friendships with people who have the attributes you’d like to emulate. Also, avoid loud and aggressive. They can add stress to your life.

31. Change your diet periodically. Avoid eating the same things for several years non-stop.

32. Cooking oil, if organic, is not necessarily bad, in reasonable quantities. Just don’t heat it. Heating oil hydrogenates it, which results in bad cholesterol that can greatly increase your susceptibility to heart and circulation problems. You can add oil after the meal is cooked. For instance, drizzle cold oil (olive oil is the healthiest choice) mixed with spices over plain popcorn after it is air-popped.

33. If you do become ill, (which will be rare if you follow some of these suggestions) seek professional attention.

34. Maintain a high level of personal cleanliness and care. Especially keep your cooking utensils clean. Cutting boards, sponges, scouring pads and dish cloths (disinfect with hydrogen peroxide) are the main breeding grounds of harmful bacteria. Many people think they have had the stomach flu, when actually what they were suffering was food poisoning.

35. Stay interested in your life. Be open to new information that may change your life for the better. Listen to others, no matter how goofy their ideas may seem at first. Have you been to the library, church or spiritual group, or read a book that taught you something new lately?

36. Do new things, stretch yourself a little!

37. Do what brings you joy.

38. Become part of something larger than yourself.

39. Be honest with yourself and others.

40. Become more acquainted with your “spiritual self.”

41. Be optimistic.

42. Get a pet. Studies have proven that people who own pets have less stress and live longer. Petting your pet can lower your blood pressure and relax you. It does this by reducing your body’s output of adrenaline, it causes the heart to pump with less force. Your pet can have much the same beneficial effect on your system as meditation. Stroking an animal’s fur or coat has a natural tranquilizing effect. Pets can also alleviate loneliness and depression. They can help people become more confident and communicative by being non-judgmental listeners. For those living alone, pets provide companionship and a sense of safety.

Recently pets have been widely accepted by institutions as part of their treatment by being “companion animals.” Alzheimer patients and autistic people tend to talk when animals are around. The mentally and physically ill, handicapped outpatients, the elderly, stressed executives, lonely children – all live happier and longer with the regular attention of a pet.

When around pets, the criminally insane are less aggressive and suicidal, alcoholics rehabilitate more quickly, the grieving are calmed easier, the elderlys’ self-esteem rises, cardiac and cancer patients live longer, the deaf and blind feel better about themselves, the retarded learn faster, the terminally ill find solace and pets can even pave the way for smoother social interactions.

Hearing dogs give ears to the deaf, guide dogs – eyes to the blind, monkeys give the handicapped hands, pet therapy animals uplift, soothe and comfort. Animals also help retarded children and countless others. Pets easily and freely give us unconditional love and acceptance.

By giving us something to nurture and care for, pets teach us how to be more loving, kind and gentle. They also inspire feelings of joy and amusement, bringing out the playful child in us.

Pets are especially powerful for seniors. According to psychologist Judith Siegel, a public health professor at UCLA, seniors with pets see the doctor less than those that do not have pets. And those who pet their pets a lot, recover from illness and surgery quicker. Animals are great givers of happiness. As one grows older, it is even more essential to have animals. It gives many seniors a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

43. Medical research proves that stress and worry are the two biggest ‘wrinklers’ and ‘agers.’ So stop worrying!!

A Native American in the movie “Pontiac Moon” shared one of the most important things he’d learned from his grandfather: “There are two rules in life. 1. Don’t sweat the small stuff and 2. Everything is small stuff.”

44. Increase your capacity for enjoyment.

45. Studies have shown that being happily married helps us to live longer and healthier. Cheating on a spouse, or even just thinking about it, canĀ  lead to a shorter life.

46. Maintain a healthy weight for your height and frame. Twenty-five pounds of extra weight causes an extra 1,000 miles of blood vessels and capillaries that your heart has to push blood through.

47. Find ways to express your feelings in healthy and loving ways.

48. Be more aware of what you say to yourself and others. For instance, avoid saying “I’m sick and tired…” “What a pain in the…,” I’m going crazy,” etc. Words create feelings. To some degree, our bodies take everything we say literally. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between fact or fantasy, whether we are just kidding or really mean it. As Dr. Norman Cousins said, “Belief becomes biology.”

49. Live in harmony with your body’s rhythms. Get in touch with your own “speed” and do not exceed it.

50. Explore and open up to your creativity. Look into painting, dancing, woodworking, whatever might interest you.

51. Involve yourself with friends and community. Find a way to make a difference.

52. Balance work, play and rest.

53. If at all possible, live in a quiet place with beautiful surroundings.

54. Get regular massages.

55. Nurture yourself on a regular basis. Wrap yourself up in a cozy comforter, put your feet up and read or drink a cup of tea, take a long bubble or scented oil bath by candlelight, massage your neck, shoulders and feet with warm scented oil or lotion, take a cat nap in a quiet corner, stretch out on the floor while listening to some soothing music, listen to a guided visualization or relaxation tape or whatever makes you feel good.

56. Take time for solitude and silence.

57. Give yourself quality attention. It will increase the quality of your life.

58. Draw satisfaction from daily activities. Find joy in the ‘mundane.’

59. Have a favorable image of yourself. According to various medical studies, this is the single most important factor in healing and in staying well.

60. Reduce meat, milk, sugar, caffeine, alcohol artificial additive, preservative and chemical consumption. Gradually increase your intake of healthy whole foods such as grains, fish, eggs and especially, raw fruits and vegetables. Not only will you live longer, you will have more energy, feel and look better too! You will also be less susceptible to colds and flu.

61. Contribute in some way. Find your own unique way to make a difference.

62. Continue to grow and learn.

63. Cultivate, bring out, express your gifts and talents.

64. Stay interested in life – take up something new and challenging.

65. Think of yourself as worthy and worthwhile.

66. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and others.

67. Be adaptable, flexible and accepting.

68. Allow yourself and others to do what they need to do!

69. See change as something effortless and natural. There is no need to force it.

70. Develop a sense of being in charge of your life.

71. Be honest with yourself and others.

72. Be cooperative rather than competitive.

73. Be willing to take responsibility for yourself.

74. Make peace with yourself and your past. Peace begins with you.

75. Take vacations, short, more frequent ones are probably more beneficial than long ones involving lengthy planning and long, stressful flights, etc.

76. Don’t oversleep. Or overdo anything, for that matter. It becomes a pattern for avoiding life. If you have difficulty getting out of bed, there are two main causes. You may need to make changes in your diet, or you may not be currently enjoying your waking hours enough. See if you can make changes.

77. Minimize medications, go with a natural treatment program whenever feasible (consult with your health professional before doing so, and get a second and third opinion).

78. Be thankful for what you’ve got. Want what you have.

79. Honor and respect yourself.

80. Appreciate your body and all the wonderful things it does for you.

81. Be your own authority. Rely on your own inner knowing – don’t listen to others blindly. More than once, people have been misled by ministers, doctors or well-meaning friends. Remember, they are all just people too, sometimes with flawed advice and logic. Although many are more expert than you in their own fields, no one is better than you.

We’re not saying never take advice. Sometimes people can see things about you, that you ought to know, that you don’t see. Good advice can come from the most unlikely people. But, listen to everyone with discerning ears.

82. Enjoy your uniqueness.

83. Don’t cramp your feet in shoes that are too small. This probably won’t lengthen your life, but you’ll be more comfortable! Most well-meaning shoe salespeople advise us to buy tight little shoes.

84. Be autonomous yet willing to rely on others. Be self-sufficient when you can, but balance your autonomy with asking for help when you need it. This includes professional help. Counseling has positively changed millions of lives.

85. Develop a sense of genuine self-pride.

86. Acknowledge yourself for accomplishments, however small.

87. Create an atmosphere of order and beauty in your home.

88. Learn to speak in positive terms, even within your own internal dialog. Double-negatives are common, and not good for your overall attitudes as positive statements and thoughts. Is your cup half-empty or half-full? What kind of day did you have today? “Not bad?” or “pretty good?” Which thought makes you feel better?

89. Create financial security for yourself.

90. Allow yourself joy and happiness!

91. Let yourself laugh easily. Scientists are now telling us that laughter can sometimes prevent and help heal disease.

92. Spend time with friends that treat themselves and you well.

93. Have a regular daily routine.

94. Find a fully-consuming hobby or interest.

95. Love yourself enough to do what nurtures your body, mind and spirit.

96. Reduce the stress in your life. Look again at situations that you have judged to be stressful, perhaps they’re not as stressful as you thought they were.

97. Focus on solutions, not problems.

98. Spend more time with family and close friends.

99. Get in touch with your passion which will lead you to your purpose. Find out what really interests you, and get in touch with it. Live ‘on purpose’ and you will be much healthier and happier. This may take some patience and experimenting, but it is well worth the effort.

100. Have fun and relax!

Docile Kittycat

When a mother cat picks up a kitten by the scruff of the neck, the kitten goes limp. It’s an instinct that keeps the kitten from wiggling or trying to get away, when the mother has to make an important move. As it turns out, the instinct lives on in adult cats. You can utilize this when you want your cat to cooperate with you in some way. All you do is grab the loose skin at the back of the cat’s neck and lift up slightly. You don’t have to pick the cat up entirely by the back of the neck. In fact this might hurt an adult cat. By lifting slightly, you put the non-wiggle instinct into effect, then you can put your other hand under the cat to carry the cat or reposition the cat.

I am not sure yet – I haven’t experimented with my own cat enough – but I think there is another component to this instinct. I think it makes the cat more loving or accepting. On the few times I have tried it with my own kitty, he has become quite mellow, and purred louder as if knowing he is being especially cared for.

Interestingly, you can pull up on a cat’s neck when you want it to sit down. Just pull up for a moment then let the cat down – the cat’s feet will almost crumple and the cat will lower all the way down.

How To Get What You Want

Just follow these five somewhat surprising steps to get whatever you want. This is not ‘law of attraction.’ These steps really work, as long as you actually take them.

1. Get clear on exactly what you want. One of the best ways is to have someone, a family member, a friend, or a trained professional, ask questions such as:

“What would you like?”

“What will having that do for you?”

“How will you know when you have it?”

“When you have it, what might you lose that you value?”

These can be asked in any sequence, repeated, and customized as needed. In a remarkable number of cases these seemingly simple questions can be nearly magical, letting you discover that what you really want might not be what you thought you wanted.

2. Be willing to color outside the lines. Billions of people want the same things as you. If they take the usual approaches, they’ll get the usual results. Oh, sure, some get lucky, but why depend on luck, when there are proven ways to get where you want to go?

One of the best methods for success for many situations is a mild degree of positive eccentricity. Experiment with doing things somewhat differently than others, and you will get different results. Of course, you’ll want to learn what works and what doesn’t in your field of interest, but then see how you can make adjustments, sometimes unexpected ones, and come out way ahead of the pack.

3. Many myths exist regarding confidence. It is not what people think it is. With confidence you can create great outcomes, yet it is not something to be had and you do not have to wait until you have it. Confidence is gained as you go. It is an acquired skill, built through practice.

The first thing to know about confidence is that you might not be ready. On the other hand, you’ll never be ready unless you gain some experience. Dive in and do what you fear, but do it on a small scale at first. Make a presentation to three family members, then a group of six friends, then a group of twenty, then a hundred, before you do a global webinar.

Once you have had enough experience, keep in mind that what you are doing is beneficial, and that the recipients want it. When I worked as a performer, I had no stage fright. That’s because I was thinking about how my audience would enjoy the show, rather than what could go wrong. Sometimes things did go wrong, but I just wrapped my comedy around those things, and they actually added to the enjoyment. With practice, you’ll learn to use mistakes to your advantage.

Perhaps you are in sales. If you have a product that you don’t believe in, you ought to find something else. When you absolutely know that your product is good, you’ll want your buyers to have it for their own good. That attitude is contagious!

4. Patience. With this one seemingly simple attribute, everyone can become a millionaire, as you’ll discover in a moment.

Most people drop out before they reach their goals. A few setbacks, disappointments, or embarrassing moments, and they pack up. Like the story of the three gold miners. They dug and dug, but gave up a little too soon. They sold their claim. Three feet past where they quit digging was the biggest vein of gold ever found in California.

J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, was rejected by 12 publishers over a long period before one took a chance on her story.

An appliance repairman for Sears earned just a notch above minimum wage. But, he put 20% of every paycheck in the bank. He lived in a small apartment, ate frugally, and drove old cars. When he had $10,000 in the bank, he decided to learn about investing. He continued working for Sears for twenty years. Then he retired with millions of dollars. Now, he pays cash for a brand new Jaguar every few years and has free time to pursue his passions. There was no luck involved in his financial success. This is something anyone can do.

5. Stay focused, motivated, and on-track. This is the most important of these five steps. One of the best ways to do it is have a friend, coworker, family member, or better yet, a trained coach, keep you reminded of your goals.

Getting Attention

One of the best ways to get someone’s fullest attention while showing great respect for that person at the same time is to ask, “Can I get your opinion on this?” The this would be something in the person’s area of expertise, or something of mutual interest. If you don’t believe how powerful this is, try thinking about how you would feel if someone asked that of you. Taking it a step further, if you ask that question in front of other people, it raises the person’s esteem.